• Amazing spice made from fresh lemon juice

    Made from Hiroshima lemons grown in the mild climate of the Seto Inland Sea and Kyushu-produced green chilies, this liquid seasoning has a perfect balance of sourness, spiciness and flavor.
    You can use this new sensation seasoning for many different kinds of dishes.

    The Best Way to Eat

    It goes well with oysters and chicken-dishes. It gives a very refreshing flavor and a little kick to pizza and fried food.

    A couple drops of it give a good accent to tomato-based juice or alcoholic drinks.

    Gift and Souvenir

    It will make great present/souvenir from Hiroshima.


    • It’s very refreshing and I love the kick of it.
    • Additives-free makes me feel good.
    • This has been a must item for outside parties.

    Story behind our product

    Our dream which to create something good with using our local product came true with a hint of ‘Yuzu-kosho’(citrus pepper paste) from Kyushu area. Hiroshima has the biggest lemon production in Japan and we decided to try to create a delicious seasoning with local product. We produced our ‘Lemosco’ in December, 2010 after going through trial and error. We choose domestic ingredients and no additives. We’ve continued to listen to our loyal customers’ opinions to improve our product as much as possible. We hope that many people will enjoy how to use our seasoning in your dishes


    Established in 2006

    Yamato Foods Co., Ltd.


    Yamato Foods Co., Ltd.

    1-15-17, Oshiba, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima, 7330001 Japan

    Product Information
    Name of Product Lemosco
    Price (tax included) [1box/60g]¥400 (plus tax)
    Ingredients Lemon juice,Red pepper,Vinegar,Salt,Lemon skin
    Freshness Date / Expiration Date 365 days
    Sales unit From 30 bottles
    Possible supply time period We always sell
    Date of Delivery Deriver is made within 3 working days after receipt of order. *Japan only
    Retail store Hiroshima Station shop,Hiroshima Airport shop,Highway Hiroshima Prefecture service area&parking area,Souvenir shop(Miyajima),Roadside station,Nagasakiya,Hiroshima Yume plaza,Supermarket etc.
    Number of certified times The 5th Certified Special Product (February 2012)