Miyajima Osuna Ware

  • Japanese traditional craft made from the ‘sacred sand’ of Miyajima Island.

    It’s been 100 years since we first built the kiln at Miyajima-guchi, across the ocean from Miyajima island. Since then our company, Yamane Taigendo, has been under the patronage of Miyajima’s Itsukushima Shrine. The traditional process for making Miyajima Osuna Ware is to mix sacred sand that has been blessed by Itsukushima Shrine into clay, form the shape, and then bake it in a kiln. Miyajima Sand Pottery are sacred pottery pieces originating from Miyajima, the island where Gods live. One of our creations, ‘Momijimon’, -are pottery pieces that are decorated with real Japanese maple leaves, which is the official symbol of Hiroshima Prefecture- They are very elegant and beautiful pottery pieces, having a special energy that gives one a very warm and comforting feeling. Miyajima Osuna Ware, filled with the charm and beauty of Miyajima, is loved and treasured by Hiroshima residents, Japanese all over Japan, and Foreigners all around the world.

    How to use

    Miyajima Osuna Ware can be used as everyday dinnerware, such as dishes, tea cups, bowls and tokkuri (sake bottle). Using them will enhance the taste of the Japanese food, and other kinds of food, that you serve, Also, our pottery can be used as pieces of art to decorate your room.

    Gift and Souvenir

    Miyajima Osuna Ware make very good gifts/souvenirs from Hiroshima.

    They make an excellent gift for commemorating a special event or occasion.


    • I found great item to commemorate a very special occasion.
    • With this piece of pottery I can feel the true charm of Miyajima, making me feel so warm inside.
    • I highly recommend this pottery as it is so representative of Hiroshima.

    Story behind our product

    Our company, Yamane Taigendo, was established by Kosai Yamane in Miyajima-guchi, which is located across the ocean from Itsukushima Shrine. More than 200 years ago, it was custom for travelers to take sand from under Itsukushima Shrine as a Good Luck Charm for the travels, and then return it when they came back. Miyajima Osuna Ware began its creation by mixing the sacred sand from under Itsukushima Shrine into the clay. As this sacred sand is blessed by the Shinto Priests it is considered to be “Sand of the Gods” and as such, each grain of this sand is highly treasured.  The Momiji (Japanese Maple) figures found in the pottery are not drawn or painted. They are actually created by placing real Japanese Maple leaves onto the pottery surface, giving each pottery piece its very own unique design and look. As the 3rd generation Kosai honoring the traditional sand pottery skills that were handed down from previous generations, I will continue to focus on perfecting this craft to create Miyajima Sand Pottery pieces that; honor the great history of Miyajima, touch the hearts of the people who purchase them, and give me enjoyment during their making.

    *Yamane Hironari succeeded in becoming the ‘3rd Kosai’ in February, 2014.

    Open Days (to the public)

    [Experience Making Pottery Class]

    Depending on the size, you can make 2 pottery rice-bowls, forming by hand and using an Electric Potter’s Wheel.

    Fundamentals of pottery making will be taught therefore this class would be very enjoyable and appropriate for beginners.

    Booking in advance is required (2 people minimum).


    [Experience Decorating Pottery Class]

    You will decorate unglazed tea cups and dishes using a brush, creating your own original design.

    *You may join this class on the day you arrive (no prior booking required), as long as it is during the Gallery’s hours of operation.


    [Pottery Workshop]

    These workshops are offered inside the shop (Yamane Taigendo).

    You will receive full instruction on the fundamentals of creating pottery (from using an electric potter’s wheel to creation of large pottery pieces), therefore this workshop is perfectly fine for beginners and novices.

    Please feel free to contact us for more details at 090-5693-7601 or at yamane@taigendo.jp


    Established in 1912

    Yamane Kosai [Yamane Taigendo]


    Yamane Kosai [Yamane Taigendo]

    1-2-6, Miyajimaguchi, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima, 7390411 Japan

    Product Information
    Name of Product Miyajima Osuna Ware
    Price (tax included) 【Momijimon Freecup】 ¥3,000 + tax (other Osuna Ware available)
    Ingredients Hiroshima's potter's clay,Miyajima Sand
    Sales unit From one
    Possible supply time period We always sell
    Date of Delivery About 5 days to 50 days. *Japan only
    Retail store Yamane Taigendo Gallery Yo, Alpark Tenmaya gift salon, Aki Grand Hotel,SOGO Hiroshima Main Building, Fujimusume Ujina Branch shop, Yagi Branch shop, Hiroshima Brand shop TAU
    Number of certified times The 2nd Certified Special Product (March 2009)